Luis Burriel (SOMOS.arquitectos) lecture in ETSA MADRID. 

Next thursday 4th october at 12:00 in Room Grade B, within the Vth Cycle of PhD. Conferences hosted by the PhD Subdepartment of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Luis Burriel Bielza has been invited to present a lecture under the title "Transfers and interferences from the Voyage to the East in Saint-Pierre of Firminy".The discovery voyage that the young Charles-Edouard Jeanneret made in 1911 will indelibly mark his education and consequently, his architecture. The visits and experiences of this epic journey stamped his memory with a deep impression. The resulting formal or theoretical derivatives will emerge with different degrees of intensity in all his projects. In the case of the church of Saint-Pierre of Firminy (1960-2006), these interferences charge play an exceptional role. The notes taken after the stunning mosques of Istanbul will help us to reconstruct the theoretical and phenomenological bases that give birth to the parish church, while the project itself will become irrefutable witness to his unfailing ability of integration.