Luis Burriel (SOMOS.arquitectos) lecturee in ETSA MADRID. 

Next tuesday 9th April at 12:30 at the Conference Hall, hosted by Rafael Beneytez. Luis Burriel Bielza has been invited to give a lecture under the title "Saint-Pierre of Firminy: promenade architectural between earth and heaven". The usual path on analysis for a single project would be through a chronological account of each one of the four design stages. In this case, these are perfectly outlined and specified in the handouts given to the client in June 1961, June 1962, December 1962 and December 1963. However, this procedure has not been the main basis for the original PhD. work from which this conference comes out. Instead of an analytical process, we will follow the opposite one. We will learn how the project can be understood as a transition between earth and heaven through the superposition of three different helicoids in motion: people, light and water. Each one of these elements stands out providing its own personality but also reinforcing and complementing each other. Even further, we will point out how some of these decisions have been recovered from other Le Corbusier's projects, providing clear evidences of a sustained research dealing with the role of mouvement, light and water along his architecture.