Luis Burriel (SOMOS.arquitectos) lecture in ESNE. 

Next tuesday 4th March at 09:00 at the Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología, Luis Burriel Bielza has been invited to give a lecture under the title "Domestic architecture in Japan: from the room matrix to the functional polarization". Based in Robin Evans' conceptions already sketched out in his seminal essay "Figures, doors, passages”, this text addresses the current scene of Japanese domestic architecture based on two strategies. Both have already been present in the past, although in deferred timeframes and with less powerful results. If the first approach delves into the absolute flexibility of functions and the existence of a weak or fragile hierarchy, the second offers a clear polarization of the spaces. A priori, none of them should involve an automatic assignment of functions, but obviously the latter is able to guide actions more clearly. 

Moving away from the design bases so widely spread in our culture where space and program are usually profoundly connected, this analysis will help us to break conventions/standarts in order to prove that the layout of our domestic environment influences not only the way we live in our homes but further on, the relationships stablished with those around us, our perception of the city and therefore, the way we understand the world.