Luis Burriel (SOMOS.arquitectos) has presented a paper in What Images Do

WHAT IMAGES DO. The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 19th-21rst March, 2014. 

Luis Burriel Bielza has presented his paper under the title "Le Corbusier’s postcard collection: poetical assemblage as a “porous” classification system":

Further unfolding the ideas sketched in the past Symposium "Collecting Geographies", this paper is part of an ongoing iconographic research which strives to open a new field of study within Le Corbusier’s creative process and personal imagery. Given the amount of documents that come into play, its extension and complexity, it should be understood as the starting point of a future collective research always in motion. A first phase has been presented in 2013 through a traveling exhibition. This is the most appropriate format because the layout concept is not the ends but also the means: reflecting, thinking and communicating, all share the same methodology. Through a whole range of images stocked throughout his entire life, Le Corbusier will continue developing the ideas once pursued by historian Aby Warburg in his Atlas Mnemosyne: “the notion of a timeless organization of meanings, forms, emotions which go across races and civilizations”. Each one of the 28 panels proposes an associative and charged mosaic where around 600 images establish a fruitful dialog with 168 postcards. This confrontation reveals the varying possibilities engaged in this approach. They have been summarized in three main goals which are intermingled in growing degrees: inspiration, education and verification. A whole array of graphic examples will provide evidences of the capacity of the architect to synthesize subjects and concepts regardless time and space. Here also, stability and transition are the guiding keys to jump from image to image and from panel to panel, at the same time evoking the tradition and building the presents.