Luis Burriel (SOMOS.arquitectos)  has just opened an exhibition at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville presenting a selection of the students' works after his course: "THE INTEGRATION STRUCTURE / ARCHITECTURE AS A CREATIVE TOOL"

The course has a very straightforward orientation directly linked with the design process involved in a project, that is to say, it tries to give to the students a look strongly related to architectural practice. Through my experience when teaching a Design Studio, most of them propose solutions often based on preconceived systems which are applied as true "recipes", lacking a full reflection about their coherence or their relevance and totally aside from the intentions at the base of their project. The course is based on an inventory of fifty cases studies from XXth and XXIrst centuries, where the structure strengthens, preserves, makes visible and boosts the underlying concepts and strategies of the architectural proposal.

The sessions were divided into two stages. During the first one, case studies were presented under different strategies which are usually found in our discipline. Subsequently, students worked in pairs to analyze those case studies already proposed or sometimes new projects. However, this was meant to be made by means of a model. This second stage strives to give them the leading role in this reflection, facing the problem by themselves. They had to find documents and information so as to "rebuild" the project, but through a model able to offer a new reading, far away from purely descriptive purpose of the finished building. They had to decide the clearest realization so that the model would help to make visible this integration structure/architecture, in the end, so as to move into a higher degree of abstraction.

Efnane Abdul-Hadi
Juliette Blatter
Gaspard Brousse
He Cheng
Sergio Cordeiro
Florian Desmeurguer
Carol Fanjul
Jean-Philippe Guignard
Guillaume Helleu
José Luis Paniagua
Thomas Pasquier
Denis Pieresti
Constance Pradier
Hélène Mancaux
Herminie Metzger
Carla Romagosa
Raphaël Samaha
Audrey Semervil
Yaël Smadja
Clemence Snyman
Patricia Stan
Cristina Torios